About Direct Approach

Direct Approach is a Canadian based company providing instrument flight procedure design services worldwide.

Our clients include airports, flight operators, resource companies, civil aviation regulatory agencies, and anyone with an interest in safe and efficient air access.


We believe that to be in this industry, you have to be the best. That is why we keep our skills and training up to the highest standards.

One of the biggest advantages of using Direct Approach is that we are qualified experts in all of the main criteria: PANS-OPS, TERPS, and TP308. This gives us an exceptional insight into the options available, and the flexibility to adapt to any situation.

Direct Approach Experts

Marinus Waterberg - Owner and Lead Designer for Direct Approach

Marinus Waterberg

Owner / Lead Designer


Marinus has over 36 years of aviation experience, including 14 years as a senior instrument procedure designer with Transport Canada, Nav Canada, HART Aviation, and now as owner of Direct Approach. Marinus is qualified in all aspects of instrument approach criteria, including PANS-OPS, TERPS, and TP308, and specializes is GPS / GNSS, rotary wing, and mountainous terrain procedures. He is a Transport Canada approved criteria instructor and an ISO 9000 Auditor. In addition, Marinus has over 5300 hours of flight time, and holds an Airline Transport Pilot License. In his spare time Marinus is active within various local sporting organizations. He is a NCCP Triathlon Coach, has completed Ironman Canada five times, as well as several marathons.

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Other experts utilized by Direct Approach:

Evan Colpitts

Evan Colpitts



Evan is fully qualified in PANS-OPS in criteria, including APV, having completed his certification at the Air Navigation Institute in Bern, Switzerland in 2007. He has designed RNAV (GNSS) approach and departure procedures in Australia, Africa, and South America. Evan holds a degree in Geography with a minor in Economics, and a Diploma of Technical Studies in Airport Operations from BCIT.

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Nick Borley



Nick worked for Airservices Australia for over 12 years in a variety of roles including ATC Training, Airways Data Management, Simulator Training and Instrument Procedures Designer. Of more recent times he has provided design services to Hart Aviation, Strategic Airspace, and Aviation and Airspace Design Solutions.


With a general aviation background and extensive experience, Nick has specialized in the design of Non Precision Approaches utilizing both ground and space based navigation technologies in remote locations. Nick holds qualifications in computer science, ICAO PANS-OPS instrument design, a commercial pilot’s license with chief pilot approval and 3500 hours of flight time.


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